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It is similar to the autosurf concept with the exception that.A traffic exchange is a type of website which provides a service for webmasters in exchange for traffic.

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Add your websites After creating your free account, login and submit all of your websites you would like to receive free website traffic to.

IBHits is leading traffic and social exchange system which automatically delivers free visitors to your website.TraffDAQ is a one-of-a-kind, automated traffic exchange network for adult webmasters.

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Use the built-in One-Time-Offer and Upsell templates to create multiple income opportunities.

One of those programs is It is very similar.These people have sites typically geared towards making money online, to help out each other and to make a profit off of their knowledge.Exchanges typically only count the first unique view of a day, so it earns you no credits and it does you no good to encounter the same site twice.It gets worse when the exchange requires more views for a credit.You would need to sample traffic and monitor the actions of the people browsing through your network.

FeelingSurf is a French-oriented page with a very modern interface, and they give you the option for unique visitors only, to eliminate unnecessary repeat visits.All the user has to do is hit play, wait a while, then redeem their credits. - Website Promotion - Top Traffic Exchange

This would earn them credits for the traffic exchange, which they could then spend for legitimate views from real users.

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See, each exchange tends to have a surprisingly small set of active users, so you can run into issues seeing the same sites more than once.Hitleap comes out on top with the ability to set visits per hour on individual URLs.Your free account at Surfing-USA will permit you to promote 10 web pages to our members.They allow you to convert minutes into cash, and they have a good referral program.

In my evaluation, I was concerned with two metrics: total traffic sent to my site.While you have to invest a little bit of time to get the traffic to your.

Banner Traffic Exchange is a powerful open social and traffic exchange platform.

Get your free website visitors from some of the best popular manual traffic exchange sites.The trouble is, for every user fake browsing, the quality of the traffic from the exchange drops.Learn about Search Engine Optimization and develop high level content marketing along with social media engagement strategies to generate website traffic.

StumbleUpon has a wide array of interests and topics for users to browse.IBHits remarkable system is designed to deliver better online rankings, improve your online reputation and trustworthiness.In a perfect world, with everyone on the up and up, a traffic exchange would be a perfectly valid and legitimate way of sharing a is the leading traffic and social exchange system which automatically delivers free visitors to your website.